Lesson Rates

Kyle teaches all levels of golfers and golfers of all ages. Our lessons are structured to achieve your goals so you can have more fun on the course.

You can take individual private lessons, small group lessons, and/or playing lessons. Kyle uses Hudl Technique on an iPad for video analysis (included in all lessons).

All lessons are at The Links Golf Course 5815 E. Gleneagles Village Pkwy. Highlands Ranch, CO 80130

Individual Private Lessons

Adult $85 (45 minutes)
Adult Series of 3 Lessons $225
Adult Series of 5 Lessons $350
Junior $65 (45 minutes)
Junior Series of 3 Lessons $180
Junior Series of 5 Lessons $275
*All technology included in lesson rate

Semi Private Lessons (1 Hour)

Two Adults/Juniors $55 each/$40 each for juniors
Three Adults/Juniors $40 each/$30 each for juniors
Four Adults/Juniors $35 each/$25 each for juniors

Other Services

Playing Lessons

Play alone $200 - 9 holes

Playing lessons are great for students that would like their entire game evaluated and improved.

Student Playing With Kyle - Cost: $200.

9-hole playing lesson with Kyle. During this type of playing lesson you’ll have your game evaluated while also seeing how a professional golfer plays and manages his game around the course.

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Services Offered in Lessons
  • Eliminating the slice
  • Putting spin on chip shots
  • Getting out of the sand every time
  • Uneven lies secrets
  • Pitching it closer from 20-40 yards
  • How to shape the ball….on purpose
  • Taking your game from the range to the 1st tee
  • Playing lessons
  • Reading greens like an expert
  • And much more!

Kyle's Teaching Philosophy

I​'​m very passionate about teaching, ​my goal is​​ to help my students ​have more fun playing the game of golf. I believe every golfer has the ability to improve whether it be their putting, short game, full-swing or course management. This improvement can come quickly by ​isolating what causes the bad results and, more importantly, how to fix them​.

My teaching philosophy caters around the student’s goals and learning style. Some students like to keep it as simple as possible while others like to know how everything works. Either way, I am committed to making them a better player in the simplest way. While it takes some students more time to achieve the results they desire, I do not necessarily believe a student should get worse before they get better. My goal of each lesson is to achieve better results that day while building a foundation for long-term success.
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Kyle's Approach

Every golfer is different and I approach my instruction that way. I begin each lesson by interacting with my students to learn about their personality and goals. After watching some shots, I explain in a simple way the cause of the poor results, but more importantly, how to effectively fix them. Through the use of video, drills, and teaching aids my students will learn how to play their absolute best.

I teach students as young as 5 years old to seniors in their 80’s, beginners to professionals, and everyone in between. With the thousands of lesson​s​ I've taught, to the hundreds of tournaments I’ve played, and learning to teach from Top 100 Instructors, I am confident I have the knowledge and experience to take your game to the next level. Contact me to play your best!

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